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Life is a Mystery - a three day woman’s retreat at United Church's Camp Mackenzie on Mabel Lake September 11-13.


Facilitator, Rev. Ivy Thomas &  20 women from Armstrong to Okanagan Falls came together in prayer, song and the sharing of our personal stories.


We boated on Mabel Lake; crafted a finger labyrinth, walked forest paths with new friends, ate delicious meals,   swam , chatted around bonfires & in quiet comfortable corners, and cherished  the fellowship of like-minded women. Three days in nature; three days refreshing our bodies and souls.  SUC women were Judy Tolhurst, Jody Gilliard, Sharon O'Shaughnessy and Patsy Kyle.



Patsy and Sharon have arrived!


Jody outstanding in her field

MacKenzie GalsLabyrinth2[1]

Finger Labyrinth was a significant experience

MacKenzie GalsBonfire[2]


MacKenzie Gals5.JPGserenity

Quiet walks

MacKenzie Gals Close


MacKenzie Gals Labyrinth

The MacKenzie Gals!

Earlier this year

Armand and Table.jpg

Armand and Table.jpg

Communion and friends.jpg

Communion and friends.jpg

A Christmas Carol evening

A Christmas Carol evening

The Summerland Children's Choir joined the Summerland United choir in singing at the Summerland Singers and Players December reading of "A Christmas Carol".

Summerland United Choir & SCC

Summerland United Choir & SCC

The Summerland Children's Choir in front of the SUCH singers

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