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Monday Supper

Monday Supper is a multi-generational event designed to offer hospitality, food, friendship and story - to make friends

and bless the people of our town. 

Here’s how it goes
a description of our supper "usual"

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07 Monday Supper-poster-Yanti-.png

BIG NEWS: Monday Supper has moved to St Stephen’s Church on Prairie Valley Rd (the stone church). Let’s bring together all ages to celebrate! This month only: mid-month Monday Supper July 15/24.


Featured performer: Singer/ukulele player Yanti! To celebrate our move and to invite the children of our town, including all those who took part in Summerland Music Camp the week before it, we have invited local legend, Yanti to play and sing for us. Yanti has performed throughout the valley in many different combos and venues. From Jazz standards at weddings or retirement homes to rock ballads for fundraisers, either live or karaoke, Yanti has a diverse range of vocal talents. She performs regularly with local jazz band Sax Among Friends, the Justin Glibbery Quintet, Crawford & Crossley Quartet and the SoCo Blues Crew. Bring children with you, because this one is for everybody!


Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer on the last Monday of every month, from 5:30pm to 7pm. This month we’re serving up make-your-own Tacos. We always have a veg/vegan option.


06 June 2024 Monday Supper posterNEW - Josh Doell - 600 × 776 px) (8 x 8 in).png

Help us celebrate our last Monday Supper in the current Summerland United Church hall, before the Supper makes the move to St Stephen’s Church next month!


Featured performer: Multi-genre Pianist Josh Doell studied at M.I. Musician's Institute in Hollywood CA. He worked as studio musician on keys from an early age, touring throughout the US. He backed up Gospel Choirs in New York, Australia and Los Angeles before he moved to Calgary AB. Now a Summerlander, Josh will take us around the musical world on the keyboard. 


Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer on the last Monday of every month, from 5:30pm to 7pm. This month we’re serving up soup and salads, with veg/vegan options. 


This month’s featured artist: Founder of Sax Among Friends, member of the South Okanagan Big Band, Penticton Concert Band and Saxxaffrass Saxophone Quartet, Don Wade is a well-known Okanagan musical personality. Don has been performing in the Okanagan for nigh onto two decades - at the Venables Theatre, Red Wing, church services, retirement homes including Summerland Seniors' Village and Angus Place, and Linnea Good’s Choose Music elementary school expos. His partner in crime, Mel Zachary, is both solo and ensemble keyboardist, performing with the band SoCo among others, and often with his daughter, violinist Kelsey Zachary. With Yanti, the duo will be playing at “Eliza” in the Naramata Heritage Inn this June, July and August. At Monday Supper, they will be playing light jazz standards for us - gentle dinner music on piano and alto sax.


Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer on the last Monday of every month, from 5:30pm to 7pm. This month we’re serving up lasagna. Bring a friend. 


04 April 2024 Monday Supper poster - Ralph Ian Rolinson-(600 × 776 px) (8 x 8 in) (3).png

Ralph Ian Rolinson is a multi-instrumentalist who brings his celtic flute wherever he journeys. A former studio and session musician who recorded in numerous rock and jazz session during his years in London’s West End music scene, he now graces our towns with the sound of jigs, dances and rich alto recorder melodies. He breathes a spirit of lightness and delight wherever he is heard, and will bring that light spring atmosphere to our Monday Supper this month. 


Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer on the last Monday of every month, from 5:30pm to 7pm. This Monday (April 29) we’re serving up Chicken Stew and Vegan Veg Stew, with buns, salads and desserts - the works. You should come.


03 Monday Supper March 2024-LarryGreen.png

Every last Monday of the month is special at Monday Supper, but this month is special in a new way. With Chili and Buns from all over town, we will also enjoy the fabulous pies of Jackie the Pie Lady; she makes 'em all herself! Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer monthly, from 5:30pm to 7pm. Come for food, friendly hospitality and featured music, take the opportunity to be part of bringing our town together - and skip the dishes. 


Our featured performer: Folksinger-songwriter Larry Green is a bit John Denver, a slice of James Taylor, a teaspoon of Jim Croce and the guitar fingerpicking of a wannabe Tommy Emmanuel. Larry says he always wanted to sing harmony backups for the Eagles and The Beach Boys, but never had the right hairstyle! His warm and inviting vocal style will bring our whole evening together. 


Feb24 Monday Supper poster - OK Christian Men's Choir(600 × 776 px) (8 x 8 in).png

It will practically be Leap Day when we leap for Shepherd’s Pie at Monday Supper this month!  Monday Supper is a free community meal we cook and offer on the last Monday of every month, from 5:30pm to 7pm. Come for food, friendly hospitality and featured music - take the opportunity to be part of bringing our town together - and skip the dishes. 


Our featured performer: The Okanagan Christian Men's Choir has been making music in the valley for decades. They sing gospel songs, sharing both in their Monday evening practices and in public appearances in churches, care homes and elders' facilities, on the street and in the mall on festive occasions. 


1 Jan24 Monday Supper poster - Don Wade-(600 × 776 px) (8 x 8 in).png

Our Featured Performers:  Multi saxophonist Don Wade is a well-known Okanagan performer, founder of Sax Among Friends, member of the South Okanagan Big Band, the Penticton Concert Band and Saxxaffrass Saxophone Quartet. Don will play light jazz standards for us with his “Big Box Backup Band” (aka his jazz quintet backing tracks) - a delightful evening with gentle dinner music on the alto sax.


12 Monday Supper poster - Musaic (600 × 776 px) (Instagram Post).png

Our Featured Performers:  This month, we are thrilled to welcome our featured performers: Musaic Vocal Ensemble. Musaic is an adult mixed choir singing a wide variety of music from classical to jazz to gospel, in venues throughout the Okanagan and beyond. Recent impressive highlights include Verdi’s Requiem with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, Bob Chilcott’s The Little Jazz Mass and James Whitbourn’s Annelies, based on the Diary of Anne Frank. Their winter concerts are coming up this weekend: in Penticton Saturday, 7:00pm Dec 9 at Concordia Lutheran Church, Penticton, and then in Summerland: Sunday, Dec 10 2:00pm at St John’s Lutheran Church, Summerland. But we get a mini-concert on Monday the 18th..!


11 Monday Supper poster - Sandra Kunz (600 × 776 px) (Instagram Post) (1).png

Our Featured Artist:  Sandra Kunz’s arrival in the Okanagan three years ago caused a ripple effect in her life that brought forth song. Her lifelong love of singing came together in a new and powerful way with a deepening of her folk, pop and country roots. As she puts it, she actually took up the guitar to support her singing habit. She writes music about self-discovery and self-awareness, encouraging the listener to trust and give expression to their authentic self. She is convinced that, when we share our gifts, we make the world a better place for all.


She is known for taking 80’s and 90’s pop tunes and giving them a make-over with a folkie flare. Sandra is influenced by a variety of genres and artists such as Chris Smithers, Joni Mitchell, Adele, the Cranberries, the Be Good Tanya's, David Bowie, Chris Isaak, Shannon McNally, Frazey Ford, Martin Sexton. It will be an intimate and diverse evening of music.


10 Monday Supper poster - Grant Stone (600 × 776 px) (Instagram Post).png

Once named Summerland’s Citizen/Volunteer of the Year, Grant Stone has been sharing Cowboy Poetry and Storytelling for nearly 3 decades.


Audiences from Reno, Nevada to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, people aged 9 to 99 have been regaled by this local legend, who honed his craft largely while driving patrons of the Summerland HandyDart bus. As he did while transporting travellers, he will transport us with tales like The Shooting of Dan McGrew, Yertle the Turtle, The Wagon Wheel Mystery and others.


Also an avid pianist, Grant will entertain us while we eat, with instrumental standards. A not-too-spooky evening, but certainly a night of shivers…



09 Monday Supper poster - Kathleen Estabrooks (600 × 776 px).png

Sing along to a variety of well-known tunes with Kathleen Estabrooks.


Member of the former Haute Aire a cappella quartet, founder of the Summerland Guitar Group, and director of numerous epic musical collaborations, Kathleen is well-known and appreciated in the Okanagan Valley.

John Denver, Lena Horne, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Chris DeBurgh, Nanci Griffith, Fats Waller, Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Helen Reddy, Iris Dement, Rosalie Sorrels, Blossom Dearie, Peter, Paul and Mary and Patsy Cline, among others, are all bricks in the foundation of Kathleen's musical house.



07 Monday Supper poster - Ken Gray (1).png

Priest, photographer, and parlez-vous extrordinaire, Ken Gray likes to play and perform folk and pop standards, along with a few originals. Recently returned to the Okanagan, Ken has a love for Our Little Town of Summerland that continues to grow unabated. In addition to church music production, Ken’s work has included the 1995 founding of the Musaic Vocal Ensemble. With Larry Crawford he founded Jazz Vespers in 2004.


06 Monday Supper poster - Packing House (1).png

The Packing House Social Club is David Jonsson, Marilyn West, Jim Munn and Tom Burley - members who share a love of all that is bluegrass & country music. The band is a local favourite, featured at the Summerland Community Arts Council's "Friday Night Live" shows, in concert at Angus Place, the Summerland Legion, at the Summerland Bluegrass Festival, and can be seen and heard regularly at the Summerland Rotary Sunday Market.


From Bill Munroe to Hank Williams to Union Station, the Packing House remains faithful to its bluegrass and country roots. They also have been known to give a playful bluegrass treatment to unexpected tunes from the Rolling Stones to Metallica. With wry humour and laidback style, the band invites you onto their front porch of song with the guitar, mandolin and fiddle.


Monday Supper is the first venue for the Packing House this season. They will be at the Summerland Bluegrass Festival the following Saturday, July 1st, and the Sunday Market the day after: Sunday July 2nd.



A winner of the Summerland Chamber of Commerce Arts and Culture award, Linnea Good is a singer-songwriter and community animator. She and drummer/husband David Jonsson have toured in concert throughout Canada and into US and abroad, and recently have returned from an annual friendship tour of India. She teaches music locally and online - and she and Betty-Ann Xenis are orchestrating the return of the Summerland Music Camp for children July 3-7/23.


Robert Johnson - Robert has been playing guitar in several musical genres since the early sixties, as a solo performer, in a duo with vocalist Liz Campbell, and with the Kelowna-based band “Blues Tribe”. In 2005, “Blues Tribe” released an album entitled "Soul Medicine", which you will still hear featured on local radio stations in the Okanagan. Bob now performs in the trio “So_Co” – a seamless blend of latin, blues, jazz and rock. They recently released a CD of their best: “Eclectic Avenue”. The band will perform on Jammin’ Jazz Night at the Summerland Senior’s Centre, April 28/23. Meanwhile, we get Bob at Monday Supper!


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