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Monday Supper 

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Monday Supper is a multi-generational event designed to offer hospitality, food, friendship and story - to make friends

and bless the people of our town. 


Our Goal

It’s an opportunity to invite people from the community to join in a by-donation/free meal

It’s done in the knowledge that God brings people together to strengthen, feed, heal and connect.

Here’s how it goes:


5:15 Doors open and our musical guest plays music to set a comfortable tone.


5:30 We gather, are welcomed, our musical guest plays a couple of songs, we say grace and eat


We hear a great bible story told by heart (sometimes with audience participation!)

Our musical guest shares a couple of songs of their own choosing. The music is pop or folk, bluegrass, country, choral, instrumental - a wide variety of styles.

We sometimes sing a song or two.


We eat dessert and chat.


7:00pm We end with a blessing. Those who wish, can stay and pray together with one of our leaders. Those who can, help with a bit of tidy-up.


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