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Monday Supper 

Last month:


Our Featured Musician


A winner of the Summerland Chamber of Commerce Arts and Culture award, Linnea Good is a singer-songwriter and community animator. She and drummer/husband David Jonsson have toured in concert throughout Canada and into US and abroad, and recently have returned from an annual friendship tour of India. She teaches music locally and online - and she and Betty-Ann Xenis are orchestrating the return of the Summerland Music Camp for children July 3-7/23.

Monday Supper is a multi-generational event designed to offer hospitality, food, friendship and story - to make friends

and bless the people of our town. 


Our Goal

It’s an opportunity to invite people from the community to join in a by-donation/free meal

It’s done in the knowledge that God brings people together to strengthen, feed, heal and connect.

Here’s how it goes:


4:30 Kitchen team arrives (at the latest)


5:00 Hosting team arrives. Musicians typically arrive at this time, bring in their own sound equipment if they wish, or use our provided small system. Set up.


5:15 Doors open and our musical guest plays music to set a comfortable tone as people arrive. Coffee and tea are available.


5:30 We gather, are welcomed, and our musical guest performs 1 or 2 songs as people listen.


5:40-ish  DINNER


6:10-ish  We hear a great bible story told by heart (sometimes with audience participation!)

Our musical guest shares a couple of presentations of their own choosing. The music is pop or folk, bluegrass, country, choral, instrumental - a wide variety of styles. We even sing a song or two, sometimes.


We eat dessert and chat.


7:00pm We end with a blessing. Those who wish can stay and pray together with one of our leaders. Those who can help do a bit of tidy-up.


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