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How it Usually Goes at Monday Supper


4:30 Kitchen team arrives (at the latest) 

5:00 Hosting team arrives. Musicians typically arrive at this time, bring in their own sound equipment if they wish, or use our provided small system. Set up. 


5:15 Doors open and (sometimes) our musical guest plays music to set a comfortable tone as people arrive. Coffee and tea are available. 


5:30 We gather, are welcomed, and our musical guest performs 2-3 songs as people listen. 


5:40-ish  DINNER 


6:10-ish  We hear a great bible story told by heart (sometimes with audience participation!)​ Our musical guest shares a couple of presentations of their own choosing. The music is pop or folk, bluegrass, country, choral, instrumental - a wide variety of styles. We even sing a song or two, sometimes. 


We eat dessert and chat. 


7:00pm We end and tidy up.




​Host Job Description

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